Monday, August 12, 2013

I buy my acetone by the quart

TV News is reporting a movement to limit sales of nail polish remover in drug stores.  The stuff will be put behind the counter and customers will have to sign for it. Like Suda Fed.   The excuse given is that nail polish contains acetone, useful in making crystal meth.
  Wow.  Nail polish remover comes in ounce bottles, and has glycerin and perfumes added to make it a little nicer on the hands.  How much crystal meth can be made with a couple of ounces of nail polish remover?
  I buy my acetone by the quart in the paint department of Wallymart, Home Despot, Lowes, or Franconia Hardware.  It will debond super glue, (useful in the case of accidental spills) take off lacquer, remove grease, thin lacquer, clean brushes, weld plastic, lots of things.  The quart can sits in my shop, next to the paint thinner, the denatured alcohol, the lacquer thinner, the methyl ethyl ketone, and the charcoal lighter. 
   May I better stock up in case the Feds take it off the hardware store shelves?
   Making the world safe for crystal meth heads, one bottle at a time.

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