Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Amnesty for Snowdon in return for?

TV news was talking about a deal for Snowdon, we give him amnesty if he gives us all the juicy secrets he still has, the ones he hasn't let out yet. 
  And so how do you do this.  All the stuff Snowdon took fits on a thumbdrive, may be two thumbdrives, but still , real small.  Fits in a coatpocket without a bulge.  And, any computer geek like Snowdon understands about back up of essential data.  He must have made a bunch of duplicates and hidden them the best he can.  With friends, buried in his back yard, bank safe deposit boxes, with his folks, and somewhere in the cloud.  We will never find them. 
  So,  Snowdon gets amnesty back here, and he still has every thing he took from NSA. 
  Although I cannot imagine what stuff he has left being anything as juicy as the stuff he has released.  But then maybe my imagination is weak. 

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