Saturday, December 14, 2013

Minimum wage, a bad idea

Lefties and unions are pushing for $15 minimum wage for flipping burgers at McD's. Right now McD's pays $7 or $8.  They think it will raise the living standards of McD's workers.  I think it will get them all laid off.
As a society we have a LOT of young, untrained, not very productive people who need a job.  Since they aren't very productive, employers cannot afford to pay them much.  Double the pay and the employers will say, " I have to pay these guys more than they bring in, I'd be ahead if I laid them off .  I can automate, outsource, or reduce service to my customers and make more money."  Net result, no jobs for the workers just entering the job market. 
   There is no requirement for entry level jobs to pay enough to raise a family on.  Entry level workers are un married, probably living at home, still in school.  After they have been filling an entry level job for a bit, they can get promoted, find a better job, move to boom areas, or something.  Flipping burgers is fine for high school students, but you cannot plan on flipping burgers all your life.  You gotta make something of yourself. 
   So, bottom line, boosting minimum wage cuts off entry level jobs, throws people out of work.
   That first job is important to anyone's career.  The first job will get you a recommendation when you apply for the next job.  As a hiring manager I always checked a guy's references.  If his last boss said good things about him, he was hired.  Very important to have a last boss, and for him to think well of you.  Which means we need entry level jobs, to give the new job seekers some experience and some references.  Cut off the entry level jobs by hiking the minimum wage and it gets harder and meaner for the vast majority.

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