Monday, December 30, 2013

Microsoft Security Essentials

Poor old desktop, just hasn't been the same since the root kit got into her over Christmas.  So I been looking for virii, anti virii, rootkit killers, anything.  There is something in her that makes her boot slow, load slow, and its so bad it makes the sound stutter.  Just the the normal Windows "Ka-ching" boot noise comes out funny sounding.
  So I tried the Microsoft Security Essentials package, from the Windows Update site.  It took an hour to download, another hour to update itself, and another hour to scan my hard disk.  Didn't find anything.  Speedy it is not.  Typical Microsoft.  So I shut down last night and went to bed.
   This morning I boot up to check email and the slows are worse.  Like really bad.  It's good old Microsoft Security Essentials, it's hogging up to 95% of CPU time.  Apparently it loads itself and starts a disk scan every morning whether I need it or not.  It' not a polite program, it hogs so much CPU time as to freeze the mouse and everything else.  So I removed it this morning.   I don't recommend it to anyone.

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