Sunday, January 19, 2014

Brit Hume speaks favorably about NSA

He was on Fox News a few minutes ago.  Brit is a serious newsman and I have some respect for his opinions.  He said the "meta data" program (scarfing up the billing records of every phone call on the planet and keeping them for ever) is legal, and has been in place for a long time, and nobody has ever found any abuses.
   Maybe.  On the other hand I remember they drove Gen David Petraeus out of CIA by leaking some emails with a mistress.   If the head of CIA cannot keep snoopers out of his email, who can?  By all accounts, they hit Petraeus with email instead of phone calls, but that's a technicality.  Revealing phone calls to a mistress would be as damaging as emails.
   I think the potential for abuse of the "meta data" is so high, and it's contribution to catching terrorists is so low, that I would still cancel the program, before it eats someone. 

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