Saturday, January 25, 2014

Republicans vote for a shorter presidential primary season

A good idea.  As it is now, they start the primary season better than a year before the elections.  And things change in the course of a year.  Candidates that looked good a year out, often look less good on election day.  And the ceaseless inane TV coverage gets tiresome.  And the year long ordeal drives off good candidates.  I mean what sane person wants to give up a year of his life, to be on the road constantly, making the same speech over and over again?  To say nothing of making himself and his family targets for the MSM.
   Far as I am concerned, a three month primary, say April, May, and June, followed by a convention to ratify the primary elections in late June early July,  followed by a summer and a fall to patch up wounds inflicted in the primary, and campaign against the other party, instead of campaigning against people in your own party. 
    Of course the newsies love primaries and wish they would last forever.  Primary campaigns require no knowledge of anything to write a story.  Just report the poll numbers and then opine about why so and so is ahead or behind.  No more challenging than writing about baseball games or horse races.  Newsies love this kind of simple story, 'cause most of 'em don't understand anything complicated. 

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