Friday, January 24, 2014

Penny Ante at Fox News

Fox TV News was complaining about pork in the recently passed "continuing resolution" that funds the government for the next few months.  And rightly so.  In a bill the funds the entire US government, there are plenty of diark corners to hide pork.  Like who can read a thousand pages of legalistic gooble-de-gook?
  But, all pork that Fox can cite is some penny ante stuff, mere 10's of millions of dollars a year.  That's chicken feed.  Stick with Everett Dirksen's famus quote, "A billion here and a billion there and pretty soon you are talking about real money". Skip the mere million dollar scams.
   And I can think of  lots of them.  How about $27 billion subsidies to farmers?  How about about the huge (but secret) NSA budget?  How about the TSA spending?  How about ethanol in gasoline?  How about the Space Launch System, a new NASA rocket booster that duplicates the performance of TWO existing rocket boosters.   How about the highway bills, billions to road contractors, that should properly be paid by the states in which those roads run.  How about "Nextgen", a vastly expensive program to replace the current air traffic control system with a satellite based one. 
   Fox has a point about "continuing resolutions", but they need to pick up on some real examples.  Skip the chicken feed.

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