Sunday, January 12, 2014

David Gregory trashes Robert Gates on Meet the Press

Every one on the panel of newsies said it was dastardly of Gates to publish his memoirs, which said some VERY hard things about the Obama administration, while Obama was still in office.  Hmm. I never heard of this ethics rule before.
   This is America.  We have freedom of speech and of the press.  That means you can publish anything you like.  Anytime you like.  Gates had some harsh things to say about Obama, and he said them, in public.  Good for him.  What's wrong with that?   Other than it hurts Obama, but Obama needs to be trashed now and then.  The newsies never say anything bad about Obama.  We need some balance here.
  Apparently Meet the Press doesn't agree.  At least they didn't call Gates a racist for criticizing their favorite boy. 

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