Tuesday, September 23, 2014

All plastic lawn mower

Here we have Husqvarna all plastic lawn mower after three summers of grass cutting.  I bought  it new  from Lowes back in 2012.  Note the handle is crooked.  That's cause this plastic piece broke while pushing the mower across the lawn.  The bright metal patch is my attempt to glue it back together with epoxy.  Didn't work.  The epoxy failed at first push.

 I was able to find the  users manual and the sales slip. Kudos to my home filing system.  Even found  the illustrated parts breakdown showing the broken piece and giving a part number.  Manual gave a customer service number.  Reached a robo answer machine which asked me to leave my number, they would call back.  Haven't heard from them.  Tried the web.  The Husqvarna website doesn't sell parts and didn't even show my model number.  The dealer finder on the site didn't find any dealers, anywhere at all.  A disti website offered parts, but never heard of my model number or part number.
   Moral of the story, Stick with steel for lawn mowers.  There is no future in plastics. 

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