Monday, September 22, 2014

Is the media after NFL & Roger Goodell ?

Goodell and the NFL have certainly been chewing up air time.  Could this be to distract the voters from serious problems, like no jobs, ISIS, outrageous energy prices, Lois Lerner and the IRS, and the likely GOP landslide in November?  
   Football is a rough game, played by rough men.  Up til that video tape of Mr. Rice cold cocking his fiance in an elevator, everybody pretty much ignored players behavior off the field.  Most NFL players are decent men, but the few bad apples (there are ALWAYS a few bad apples) can spoil the whole barrel.  The media, all lefty greenie types who think football is too violent and too red-neck, have decided to cover the warts of the NFL in detail, and over and over again.  So the owners have decided that bad player behavior on or off the field, is bad for business, and bad for team revenues.  So the owners, thru Goodell, have put the word out that bad behavior, he listed a dozen sorts, gets you kicked off the team and out of the league.  This will be effective, the players are players 'cause they love the game, and getting blacklisted will really hurt them. 
   Maybe the media will gt tired of Goodell and the NFLs troubles and get back to something important.

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