Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What do the Greenies have against cell phones?

For last weekend's greenie rally to support climate change, they filmed at least two greenies being challenged to give up their cell phones to save the planet. 
Cell phones?  The chargers pull a measly 10 watts and the battery charges up in an hour.   I buy electricity for 25 cents a kilowatt hour.  That's enough for 100 cell phone charges, about a year's worth.  This is wrecking the planet?  You gotta be kidding me. 
   Let's talk real energy use.  Like my oil burner.  Each fill of the oil tank is 200 gallons, at $4 a gallon, $800 a tankful.  I need five fillups, to make it thru the winter. I keep the heat down to 60, I wear a sweater in the house, I have good tight Andersen windows, and decent insulation.  That's $4000 a year for oil.  Who cares about a cell phone?  That's greenies for you.
  Other amusing item.  All the demonstrators interviewed on TV looked old, like they had been doing peace marches in the 1960's.   Could it be that they just like going to demonstrations?  Doesn't really matter what the demo is about, they just enjoy getting out and putting on a show for the TV newsies.

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