Friday, January 30, 2015

A Conservative Republican candidate?

The conservative Republicans claim that  the party needs a truly conservative candidate and the losses to Obama in 2008 and 2012 came about because we ran middle of the road candidates.  I don't believe that.
   We the voters want a decent, competent, and caring president.  We want a president who can make a decent public speech, and actually say something of substance, rather than declare his allegiance to motherhood and apple pie.  We want someone who understands who our overseas friends are, and who our enemies are.  We want someone who will support our friends and visit harm upon our enemies.  We want someone who understands business and labor well enough to get the economy growing again.  And make jobs plentiful again. 
   These are the things that really count.  Wedge issues, gay marriage, common core, creation science, gold standard, and anti vaccine policies don't really count. 
   I notice Mitt Romney is bailing out.  Not a bad idea.  Romney would make a fine president, trouble is, I don't think he could ever get elected against a Democrat.  He allowed Obama to beat him in 2012, which should never have happened.  When Obama smeared him as a heartless capitalist who threw people out of work and canceled their health insurance, Romney never replied.  Silence gives assent.  Coming from a state that does Willy Horton ads, Romney should have known that he had to deny Obama's smears.  He didn't, and  Obama gets another four years to flush the country down the drain. 

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