Sunday, January 18, 2015

Woe to the Brits

Britain is heading for another election.  They have the Labour party, the Tories, and a new rising power the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP for short).  The way the polls have it, UKIP will have enough votes that they will have to be taken into a coalition government in order to get a majority in Parliment.
UKIP is anti immigrant and anti EU.  They want to pull Britain out of the EU.  Since Britain does about 60% of her export business with the EU that could really smart.  Right now as an EU member, British exports go into Europe duty free.  If Britain pulls out of the EU, that happy state of affairs is over, British goods will face full EU tariffs, and there are plenty of continental competitors eager to pick up that business. 
   The way things look now, Britain is sailing into a sea of troubles.


DCE said...

The problem many in the UK have with the EU is the overreaching regulations and laws coming from Brussels that are not in the best interests of the UK or its citizens.

If the UK does leave the EU I can see a move to join something akin to NAFTA which opens up Canada, the US, and Mexico to tariff-free trade, a much larger market than the EU.

Dstarr said...

Well, should the Brits apply to join NAFTA I would certainly approve. I assume the Canadians would too. Dunno how the Mexicans would feel about it.

Dstarr said...

There is an opinion poll just out today showing 80% of British voters want out of the EU. Sounds like UKIP is gathering strength.