Friday, January 9, 2015

Take 'em alive, don't waste 'em with missiles

Obama's plan for dealing with ISIS and company is drone strikes.  Send a Predator and pop the target with a Hellfire anti tank missile.
   If we have the intel to launch a drone strike, we have the intel to take 'em alive and grill 'em.  Load a company of infantry into choppers and fly out and grab 'em.  With a little interrogation we will know every thing that they know.  Things like where is their base, who are their members, where do they plan to strike next, where does their money come from, who is tipping them off.
   Obama doesn't do this, 'cause he wants to empty out Guantanamo so he can close it.  Newly captured prisoners would fill the place up, making it harder to close it.  Congress has forbidden transferring Guantanamo  prisoners to US soil, largely out of fear that bat brained US judges would turn them loose. 

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