Thursday, January 22, 2015

EU softening toward GMOs

Genetically modified organisms that is.  The EU has forbidden growing, importing, selling, or eating of anything with "gene modifications".  At least modern gene modifications using laboratory methods.  Nobody talks about the extensive gene modifications made over the centuries by plain old selective breeding.  All crops grown today are way different from their wild ancestors. 
   Anyhow, the EU Parliament lifted the EU wide ban on GMO's last week.   Regulation of GMO's is now up to the national European governments.  Who are strongly anti GMO and are not expected to loosen rules anytime soon. 
   The Economist does admit that GMO's are widespread in American and Asia, bringing increased yields, better taste, and lower food prices. 
    It could be, that in turning GMO regulation over to the national governments, the EU Parliament hopes to dampen criticism of overweening EU bureaucracy.

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