Sunday, April 26, 2015

Clothes shopping for Guys

Depressing mostly.  I'm going to my 55th high school reunion shortly and I thought at my age I ought not to show up in khakis out at the knee.  Littleton really only has Walmarts for guys clothes.  I both a few there and then for variety, I drove over to North Conway to shop the world famous outlet stores. 
  Weather was poor.  Overcast, cold, snowing thru Crawford Notch.  Great Depression 2.0 has been hard on North Conway, it shows.  Numerous strip malls and outlet stores closed and empty.  North Conway is a pure tourist town, anchored by the ski area on Mt. Cranmore (home of the eccentric ski mobile lift) and a main street (Rt 16) wall to wall outlet stores.  Granted it is mud season, inbetween ski season and summer season, but still, the number of dead storefronts was discouraging.
   Then it's hard to find stores that carry stuff in my size.  The racks are all full of shirts too small to fit my sons, let alone me.  The slacks are all 34 waist by 36 inseam, I haven't worn a  34 waist since high school, which was 55 years ago.  The shirts are mostly knit tee shirts with collars, the few shirts tailored from real woven cloth cost $50 apiece, a ripoff  IMHO.  Even more depressing are the LL Bean khakis with only the waist size marked.  They expect you to find a tailor to cuff the inseam at the right length.  Great, I'm really gonna get wash pants tailored, even $65 a pair wash pants. 
   Dunno what the chicks see in clothes shopping. 

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