Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The two wings of the Republican Party

On one side we have the Regular Republicans, present office holders, older voters, conservatives.  These guys are not crusaders, they don't want to change the rules.  The know the rules, they know what can be done under the rules, they know that they need votes, a majority of votes, to get anything done.  They don't badmouth their political opponents, they know they might need their support someday.  They don't believe in feuds and vendettas, they view them as counterproductive.  They view the Tea Party as a bunch of rabid boat rockers who may well capsize the boat.

On the other side we have the Tea Party.  They want serious changes in the rules, income tax reform, perhaps a flat tax, abolition of dead weight like Dept of Education, and IRS.  They want scalps, starting with Lois Lerner's.  They want to keep the EPA from shutting down all American industry, the FCC from taking over the Internet, the TSA from groping them in airports, and the cops from shooting them.  They distrust all government regulators.  They care about getting the economy growing again.  Many of them are parents, worried about keeping their jobs, their kids finding jobs, buying houses, paying for college.  They call the Regular Republicans RINOs.

Both sides need to bear in mind that the Independents are the key to winning elections.  Only about 35% of voters are registered Republicans.  40% are registered Democrats.  Registered Democrats (yellow dog democrats) will vote democratic no matter what.  It's a matter of political faith with them.  They voted to re elect Obama.
 But 25% of voters  are registered Independents. These people will vote for either party depending upon the goodness of the candidates and the badness of incumbents.  Put the registered Republicans together with the Independents and you have 60%, a land slide. 
  Both wings of the Republican party should remember that their beloved wedge issues (abortion, war on drugs, gay marriage) offend Independents. 

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