Wednesday, April 15, 2015

IRS, crying for funding.

They have 85,000 employees.  Put every single one of 'em on the help desk.  That ought to answer the taxpayers calls.  What do they have to do before the tax returns come in on April 15 (today!!).  Put 'em on the help desk, every single one of 'em, including that snooty commissioner.  After April 15 put 'em to work processing tax returns.
   And, while we are at it, Congress ought to outlaw all those damn worksheets the IRS has socked us with.  Being unable or unwilling to state what the tax is in the instructions for Form 1040, the IRS gives us all these crazy 20-30 step work sheets to calculate this or that.  By the time you have fought your way thru all the steps, you head is so turned around that you have no idea whether you got it right or not.  If they cannot state the basis of the tax, and how to compute it, in plain English in a sentence or two, it's too damn complicated. 
  And, personal income tax would be fairer and easier to compute if we had a rule, income is income, no matter where it comes from.  Wages, dividends, qualified dividends, rents, royalties, capital gains, company cars, social security, pensions, bank interest, company health care, gambling winnings, you name it, it's all income, it all pays the same tax rate. 

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