Tuesday, October 23, 2007

18 top toys according to Amazon

Amazon lists the top 18 toys. If these are the top 18 no wonder kids are into computer games.
Games, Barbies, Hannah Montana dolls, action figures. No electric trains, no cowboy hats and cap guns, no Lego sets, no Brio, no toy cars and trucks, no chemistry sets, no tricycles or bicycles, no ride on toys, no baseball gloves or hockey sticks, no plastic models, no Playmobile, no lead soldiers, no toy cannon to shoot up the soldiers with, no Erector sets, in short none of the really great toys I was lucky enough to have as a child.
Now a days there are just two kinds of toy stores, the Kids are Us/Walmart big boxes where the price is not outrageous but the selection is narrow, or the artsy places like FAO Schwartz were the prices are outrageous and the selection, abet broader, is beautifully made toys that appeal to only to grandparents rather than to real children.

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