Wednesday, October 24, 2007

World Series starts tonight. Go Sox

Last Saturday night, the Red Sox managed to win the American league pennant in the seventh and last game of the playoff. The game was at Fenway Part. Place was packed with ardent Red Sox fans cheering their heads off. Typical Red Sox performance, pull out a win at the very last minute. Or not. Every Boston fan remembers the curse of the Bambino, the 85 year losing streak where Boston never won a World Series. The curse goes back to the 1920's when sophisticated Red Sox management traded Babe Ruth (the Bambino) to the New York Yankees. We also remember the Series against Cincinnati back 20 years ago when the Sox managed to loose to Cinncinati in the last inning of the last game.
All this unhappy history was turned around in '04 when the Sox did finally win the series. At last. Now Boston gets a second chance, going up against a new expansion team, the Colorado Rockies, of whom I had never heard before this season. Colorado managed to win 21 out of their last 22 games, so newbies or not, they could be tough.
Saturday night I received an email from the NH republic party urging all good Republicans to watch the presidential debate, also on Saturday night. I replied that all good Red Sox fans just had to watch Boston play for the league championship. Some things are sacred, and watching the Sox win is one of them.

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