Thursday, October 25, 2007

Putting on a show for the World Series

Good old Fenway Park was all swept and mowed and looking fairly good despite its age. All the players were introduced. John Williams conducted the Star Spangled Banner. The Air Force did a flyover. Stands were full, enthusiastic fans were cheering at full voice. Boston took the lead early and increased it through out the game which made fans cheer louder. Mother Nature sent a light-to-medium rain, you could see it beading up on the batter's helmets, but everyone wanted to get on with it, no one wanted "game-called-on-acount-of-rain". I kept thinking of that famous Norman Rockwell cover shows three huge umpires, all dressed in black, looking at the sky and getting ready to call the game. Not a chance last night. Both sides played well. The Red Sox classic white uniforms looked very baseball. Colorado was wearing black shirts with white piping over gray pinstriped pants. Not an effective combination. If you are gonna wear black, you gotta go all the way, Colorado should go with black pants to match the black shirts.

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