Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Plastic Panic

The News Hour with Jim Lehrer reported that a chemical used to make polycarbonate plastic (the clear hard stuff used for Nalgenes and plastic baby bottles, among many other things), is suspected of being harmful to humans. Scene shift to a comfortable living room full of mothers and small babies. The babies are all sucking on plastic bottles. The mothers are all upset that the plastic might be doing bad things to their babies. Some of them announced plans to convert back to glass bottles. None of them mentioned going back to breast feeding. Scene shift, a scientific conference issuing a report using the phrase “great concern”. Then a lady scientist in her lab, white lab coat and all, expressing “grave concern”. Then another conference issuing another report saying “no cause for alarm”, and a male scientist (sport coat and tie, no white lab coat) saying “no problem”.

I know little to nothing about organic chemistry, so I have no idea which side is right on this one. But I’m glad my ex-wife breast fed our three children and I will recommend my daughter do the same when the time comes. And I think I’ll start buying my whiskey in glass bottles. None of this

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