Thursday, February 28, 2008

How high will Grafton County phone bills go?

According to the Manchester Union Leader, the Fairpoint Communications deal to take over Verizon's telephone service in the up country is going to go thru, the public utility commissions in Maine, NH and Vermont have OK'd the deal.
So what does that do for us customers? Will Fairpoint ask the public utility commissions for a rate hike to pay off the bonds they floated to buy the aging Verizon poles, wire, and central offices? Does anyone think there is any growth or income opportunities in the wired telephone business? In a day when none of my three children has a wired phone? Verizon is selling out 'cause they aren't making money. If they can't make money what makes anyone think Fairpoint can?
Fairpoint has made happy talk about more broadband in the North Country. The hard fact is that broadband (DSL) only works out 18000 feet from the central office. To cover the area with DSL they have to put in a central office every 36000 foot. My nearest central office is Littleton, about 75000 feet away from here. I don't believe Fairpoint is going to put in the the two additional central offices needed to bring DSL coverage all the way from here to Littleton. Or anywhere else.
If my telephone bill starts climbing, I can always buy a cell phone. I think I can even keep my wired phone number.

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