Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Defeat the Granite State Fair Tax Coalition

They want to strip away the powers of cities and towns and give them to Concord. Behind seductive talk of lowering property taxes they call for rejection of “The Pledge”. Translation, give Concord a sales tax and state income tax like they have in Massachusetts, and Concord will stop skimming our property taxes.

Concord started skimming to pay for the State Supreme Court mandated equal school funding. Before that bit of judge made law came down, Concord managed to struggle by on the Liquor Commission profits.

New Hampshire could put things to rights very simply. Amend the state constitution to put schools back under the control of the cities and towns, where it was before the court changed the rules.

Cities and towns will get more education done for less money than Concord could. Local school boards, facing skeptical tax paying citizens, many of whom they know personally, will strike a better balance between expenditures and revenues. Questions about the proper place of athletics, shop classes, music, art, a ski team, and the whole host of other issues, are best handled at the local level.

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