Tuesday, April 29, 2008

To Gap or not to Gap (Medigap that is)

Decided to wade thru the forty pounds of stuff about health insurance that has piled up since my medicare eligibility hove into sight. Let's see. We have Medicare, Part A, which covers hospitalization and is actually free. There is Medicare Part B which covers some doctor's visits and some shots and tests. That's $93 out of your social security check. Doesn't cover annual physicals which are $500 a pop. Medicare, either sort, has pretty high deductibles.
If the high deductibles are scary there is a raft of private insurance out there that offers all sorts of coverage for all sorts of prices.
Then if you are onto expensive medicines, there is Medicare Part D,m newly passed, that buys your pills. With a deductible of course.
Question. Are the extra coverages worth the monthly fee? Do I have the energy to read thru all this stuff and figure out what they cost and what they return?

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