Friday, April 25, 2008

Surprise, retired military officers remain pro military

The Lehrer news hour did a length piece concerning retired military officers servicing as military commentators on the TV news. The piece was kicked off by a NY Times story (which I haven't read) which charged that all the military commentators on TV had received friendly treatment, briefings, junkets to Iraq, and other favors from the Pentagon. The NYT guy on the program called this illegal tampering with a free press. The officers in question were being buttered up to push the Administration's story over the air. This was illegal, unnatural, unconstitutional, and fattening.
Wow. What planet do NYT reporters live on? Does any grownup fail to understand that a retiree who has spent his working life in the service will share his service's view of things when he starts speaking as a TV pundit? And, I wouldn't have it any other way. I want military officers who are loyal to their branch of service. A guy who retires and then opines that we are doing it all wrong, the generals are losing the war, and we ought to quit, wasn't much of an officer on active service. Any how, the NYT is still outraged to find out what the rest of us know, that US officers are pro military and favor victory. And that they have friends still on active duty who give them valuable information.

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