Monday, April 21, 2008

Pricey Choppers

The President is getting a new helicopter, the VH71, to fly him from the White House to Andrews AFB, where he can board Air Force 1. The program is going to cost $11.2 billion dollars. They will buy four test aircraft and 23 operational aircraft at a price of $414 million dollars per aircraft. Wow. $414 million will buy TWO brand new 747's. That's one pricey helicopter.
And of course we need 27 aircraft standing alert just to fly one president out to Andrews.
The choppers will be hardened against electromagnetic pulse and directed energy weapons, and have every kind of radio ever invented. The comm system is spec'd to allow the president to talk to any federal agency at any time with secure data and voice. The republic might fall if the president has to wait til he boards Air Force 1 in order to talk to the White House travel agency.
Could this be military-industrial welfare?

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