Sunday, January 11, 2009


Just watched Obama on the ABC Sunday pundit show. He is still going to close Guantanamo Bay, at least the terrorist prison camp part of it. There was a lot of talk about trying the inmates. Trouble is, most of the Guantanamo inmates are in Guantanamo because they were captured on a foreign battlefield for bearing arms against the US. They aren't guilty of war crimes, and no US court or court martial is going to convict them for war crimes they didn't commit. These guys are enemy soldiers. If and when released they will take up arms against us again.
We have to adjust to the fact that enemy soldiers have to be locked up without a trial just because they are enemy soldiers. We had no trouble doing it in WWII or Korea. Few voters and taxpayers have a problem with this, although it upsets the MSM and liberal Democrats.

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