Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Would you buy a used car from this company?

The Wall St Journal had a short piece discussing the wisdom of buying a used car, as opposed to a new one. They wound up recommending used European luxury cars. They missed the best deal on the planet. Used Cadillac DTS's are the way to go. This is the large sedan, they used to call Deville before GM marketing decided to abolish car names and replace them with obscure code letter groups. New they cost $43K. Used, they can be had for as little as $3K, although $10K is more usual. They are large enough to hold a family, or fit all the gear a college kid wants to take with him to school. Well built, will run happily up to 200K miles, get excellent gas mileage (27 mpg highway). Comfortable as you can get. Advanced engine, all aluminum, double overhead cams, 10.3:1 compression, 275 hp, and runs on regular gas. Front wheel drive, anti skid brakes, and a limited slip differential give a secure feeling driving in the winter up here.
New Caddy's are too expensive for most of us, but a used one is a deal.

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