Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How to testify without saying anything

Congress had the SEC up in front of a Congressional hearing yesterday. Question before the committee; Why wasn't Madoff discovered earlier?
Testifying was a fresh faced youngish guy from the SEC. His answer to every question was "Yes I agree completely and I will look right into it". And the congress critters let him get away with it.
The SEC was created after the first great depression to prevent it from happening again. It has clearly failed in that mission. Congress ought to abolish the SEC completely, and since the SEC people have been totally derelict in their duty, their employment by any branch of the federal government should be forbidden. Ever. Again.
To prevent today's economic catastrophe from happening again Congress should abolish the secondary mortgage market, outlaw the practice of insuring bonds against default, and revise the accounting rules to prevent carrying imaginary assets on the books. Just last year GM revealed that it had been carrying $36 billion dollars of purely imaginary assets on its books for years.

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