Saturday, January 10, 2009

Republicans organize

North Country Republicans gathered for an evening of fellowship, good cheer, and organization at Liam Shaw's tavern in Franconia on Friday evening. A good turnout was present, filling the room to capacity. Much discussion of the last election, and what is needed to win the next one, ensued. All those present agreed that the Republican Party does still stand by "the Pledge" (no broad based state taxes).
It was decided to form the Northern Grafton County Republican Committee. All present voted in favor. David Starr was elected chairman, and Melanie Kerr treasurer, both by unanimous votes. Dues were collected, and a membership list created.
The Committee plans to increase its membership, all Republicans, Independents and Libertarians are welcome. Everyone present pledged to bring at least one new member to the next meeting. The next meeting is planned for Friday February 6; same time and place (Liam Shaw's, 5:30 PM).

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