Friday, January 23, 2009

Over Lawyered

After taking the oath of office on national TV, in front of the entire US establishment, some lawyer suggested that a minor verbal stumble by the Chief Justice rendered the whole thing invalid. Obama, a man with no practical experience in the real world, and a lawyer himself, fell for this line. So the chief justice comes over the the White House and does it again, just for grins. There are a few pool reporters and the White House photographer did the pictures.
Now the newsies are complaining that they didn't get enough "access" and "transparency". This whining must be coming from the vast majority who didn't get the opportunity to crowd around and then pontificate about a not terribly significant event.
In actual fact all the voters and taxpayers consider Obama the legitimate president because he won the election. Only the wingnuts who are still contesting Obama's citizenship would give a hoot. And nothing will convince a wingnut of anything. So why did he bother?

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