Monday, May 11, 2009

Health Care is expensive 'cause of crooked bills

Last year I was buying my prescription drugs at Walmart. Cost $48 for three months. This year they added a prescription drug benefit to my medicare advantage plan. According to the plan my prescriptions had an Average Retail price of $1002.50 for three months. Plan discounts brought that down to $119.31, which the plan paid.
In short, the plan claims an astronomical average retail price, twenty times the actual retail price. Then they claim to have achieved discounts (kickbacks) bringing the drug cost down to $119.31, only twice retail price, and then "paid" for it all. Right.
Imagine the billing scams possible under Obama's yet to be announced, health care plan.


Ron Palmquist said...

It shouldn't surprise you that corporate greed in America is "blinding us with footwork." We used that phrase in the television newsroom to describe details of a story that was short on fact and long on visuals. We will not be free of the corporate greed until management and boards of directors agree that the interests of the customer come first.

Dstarr said...

Plain old individual greed, or corporate greed, doesn't make much difference. Greed is out there and without policing you will get ripped off.