Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why do I have four VCR's?

Well it started out with one. Nice Mitsubishi with S-Video output. Bought it new about 5 years ago. Then one day last year it just croaked. Wouldn't start, the front panel display showed rapidly moving gibberish. Took it apart, put it together, still dead.
Inquired at the local store (WallMart) for a replacement. Sorry, we don't sell VCR's any more. Can I sell you this nice DVD player instead?
Coupla weeks later, I picked up a well used junker in a second hand store in St Johnsbury. It worked poorly, and lasted a few months. That makes two.
Picked up another oldy but goodie at a yard sale last summer. It worked better and still plays. Sometime it decided to stop recording, or at least stop recording the sound. Any one need a Goldfinger tape with no sound? That's three
Yesterday I spurged on yet another yard sale VCR. It's a newish RCA. Didn't have a remote. But, pure luck, a remote marked RCA turned up at the next yard sale. Washed the dust and crud off, hooked it up and it plays. Actually it plays quite well. Found the user manual on the net. Put batteries in the remote and it works too. It isn't quite the right remote for this unit, it lacks a "clear" button needed to reset the ZIP code, but it does record/play/rewind and let me do the auto channel search. So that's four.
Gotta have a VCR strip down party in the shop, salvage all the wheels, gears motors, and fasteners, followed by a trip to the recycling center.

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