Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh California

Looks like California has more woe ahead. Like all of us, their tax receipts are down 'cause of Great Depression II, and expenses, well expenses always go up. But, I'd like to understand a couple of things.
First, why are tax hikes submitted as referendum questions? I know, and you know, and everyone knows, that voters are not stupid and won't vote to give the government more of their money. The elected representatives of the voters are supposed to get together and wheel and deal until something workable happens. Seems to me that the elected representatives of California failed to get with the program and do something, they passed the buck to the voters, who lit the buck on fire.
Second, why is the State of California hiring grade school teachers? According to the Journal, the Governator threatens to lay off 25000 K thru 12 teachers. Around here, grade school teachers are hired and paid by the cities and towns, not the state.

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