Monday, September 24, 2012

Food fights

First I hear about an epidemic of obesity  among children.  That has been hot for some time.  Then over the weekend  I hear that school children don't like the new healthy school lunches.  Well, no kid has ever had a good thing to say about school food.  Then  we have been hearing about humungous numbers of people going on food stamps.
  Now, this morning, Vermont Public Radio is bewailing the onset of wide spread hunger in Vermont.  A Green Mountain Famine as it were.
Can all this be true at the same time?


Evan said...

Bring back recess to school and get rid of stupid mandated class time over the year. Schools have been cutting back on recess for a long time now.

At St. Mary's we had two recesses each day and an hour-long PE class each week.

I bet the teachers were happy we burnt off energy playing capture the flag.

Dstarr said...

You are 100% right about recess burning off excess energy. Any teacher with two brain cells working oughta know about that. The public grade school I went to did a 10 o'clock recess and an after lunch recess. My favorite teacher, Mr. Convery, used to go out and play touch football with us kids every recess.