Saturday, September 8, 2012

Inglourious Bastids

I skipped this movie when it came out, mostly 'cause of some really dreadful reviews.  But it was playing on cable last night and so I watched it.  It's a World War II movie, set in occupied France, with a plethora of nasty Nazi's, doing evil, and getting theirs in the end.  A bunch of really nasty resistance fighters cum OSS agents who are taking Nazi scalps.  A beautiful blond Frenchwoman in the Resistance, who is also Jewish with a mighty score to settle with the Nazis who shot her entire family before her eyes. A lot of of blood, shooting, double crossing, and mutilation, mixed with long and tedious scenes where the point is made in the first 30 seconds, but the scene drags on for 10 minutes of tedium.  A thin plot, too improbable to effect that "willing suspension of disbelief"
  The critics were right, this is a slasher film.  Don't take the children.

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