Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Rain in Spain, falls mainly on Teachers

The number of Spanish students K thru 12 is 6.2 million.  Up from 6.02 million last year.  The number of teachers is way down, to 525,078.  Oh woe.  That's only one teacher to each 11.84 students. Over work. 
Of course when I was in elementary school in the good old USA, we had 28 students per teacher.  I can remember parents rejoicing that 28 students in a grade was so much better than 32. 
   Spain is running a bad budget deficit, and no one will loan them money and it's all the fault of the Euro crisis, of German refusal to bail them out, or something, anything. Laying off half those teachers is just not to be talked about.  A 50% layoff would bring the student teacher ratio  up to (gasp) 24.   

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