Monday, September 10, 2012

Get the Economy growing again

A short list of things that could be done immediately.
1.  Start building the Keystone XL pipeline.  Running pipe from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico is a big project that will employ a lot of people, use a lot supplies, and keep a lot of heavy machinery gainfully employed.  Once operational, it will lower fuel prices, and attract new industry.  And it's all privately funded.
2.  Repeal Obamacare.  Employers have no idea how expensive new employees health care will be, so they don't hire.
3.  Abolish the SEC.  It was created after Great Depression 1.0 to prevent a recurrence of same.  It has obviously failed, we have Great Depression 2.0, so what ever the SEC has been doing all these years didn't work.  But they do make it harder to do business.  So get rid of 'em.
4.  Approve drilling permits, in the Gulf, in ANWR, off the Atlantic coast, off the Pacific coast, everywhere.
5.  Abolish CAFE.  There is plenty of market pressure on Detroit to raise fuel economy.  We don't need laws. Plus the latest 55 mpg requirements are fantasy,  no car can do that well. Either the Feds will give selected (UAW and democrat) companies a waiver, or everyone will drive used cars, like in Cuba.
6. Pass a tax law that runs for at least five years.  Taxes are a major cost of businesses.  Unless business knows what the tax rate is going to be into the future, they don't know if the business will make money.  If they don't know that it will make money, they don't start that business.  

Romney might do some of these things.  Obama won't.

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