Sunday, December 30, 2012

Over the cliff?

Who knows.  Obama was on Meet the Press this morning talking about it.  He spoke all the the usual platitudes but avoided the use of numbers.  Or anything else of substance.  He did say "We all agree on what to do."  Which obviously isn't true 'cause they haven't done anything. 
   The newsies aren't giving any information.  Like who's on what side, like what the sticking points are.  Boehner must know that the Republicans and the House will look better if they pass anything.  The last attempt was Plan B which failed to gain enough votes. The newsies haven't told us why it went down, who was for it and who was against it and why. Either the issue is too complicated for the average newsie to understand or nobody trusts newsies enough to talk to them.
   All Obama talks about is the need for soak-the-rich tax hikes.  And how it is all the Republican's fault for not passing them.  He doesn't mention that going over the cliff will bring in more revenue, giving him more money to spend.  He's gotta be in favor of that. 

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