Saturday, December 29, 2012

Retaliation against orphans

You would think the Russki's could find some other way of getting back at the Americans.  In retaliation for an American law ostracizing Russian gangsters/security agents, (the Magnitski amendment) the Russians decided to forbid American adoption of Russian orphans.
   For an orphan,  I have to believe that adoption by Americans beats the hell out of living in a Russian orphan asylum.  Even Russians have to know this. 
   I can understand the Russians desire to retaliate for the Magnitski amendment, but surely they could have found some way to do it that did not penalize their own most vulnerable citizens.  A tariff, extra paperwork, canceling US copyrights, hiking prices on exports, there has gotta be some other thing they could do that would irritate the Americans without penalizing their own. 

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