Monday, February 11, 2013

Battlestar Galactica revival

The Sci-Fi channel ran a new feature length Battlestar Galactica last night.  I'm an old fan, I can remember watching the very first  episode on TV, with a bunch of techie friends from work, lo these many years ago. So I watched this one. 
   Note to all camera men.  Buy a tripod. Use it.  The camera bounced, jounced, jiggled and wavered thru out the two hours of the show.  The action scenes switched the camera from one viewpoint to another too fast for anyone to keep up with.  The color kept fading out to black and white or sepia.  I know some Hollywood wienies think this is artistic.  I think it means my color TV set is dying.   The space combat scenes were a moving blur of fuzzy space vessels and brilliant explosions.  You couldn't tell who was blowing up, good guys or bad guys. The space combat scenes would have been better if the space vessels had carried distinctive paint jobs, unit insignia, tail numbers, names, anything to tell one from another. This camera man was into dark and gloomy.  All the scenes were poorly lighted, many so dim I failed to recognize faces.  Too many backlit scenes where the cast appears as pure black silhouettes.
   The cast was mediocre.  Most of them mumbled so badly that I kept missing the punch lines.  We have young ensign Hotshot, fresh out of the Academy, full of piss & vinegar, joining his first combat unit.  Instead of jumping into the cockpit of a colonial Viper, he gets assigned to fly a trashhauler, a little cargo ship.  Said trashhauler comes equipped with a co-pilot with an attitude and a  short and curly beard, who has put in his paperwork to get out of the service when his hitch is up.  Mysterious and domineering woman is a passenger who later reveals secret orders to fly deep into Cylon space.
   The plot was predictable, up until the twist ending, involving appalling treachery.  Ensign Hotshot spends a good deal of time yelling at the co-pilot, who has objections to flying a suicide mission.  Good leadership technique they teach at that Academy.  Despite a steamy love scene, Ensign Hotshot never establishes a real relationship with mysterious brunette passenger.
  Too bad. I was up for some light entertainment of the action adventure sort.  This fairly expensive to make two hour show wasn't very entertaining.     

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