Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why have they not discovered a "root cause"?

For the lithium battery problem on the 787?  According to yesterday's Wall St Journal, the National Transportation Safety Board doesn't have anyone who knows anything about batteries or lithium, or even lithium batteries.  They are much more complex than those lead acid car batteries whose chemistry we learned in high school.  At least at my high school.
  Apparently both the Japanese and US safety boards have a single charred battery, taken from a 787, sitting on the bench, looking burnt.  The investigators have no clue as the how they came to catch fire.  And that's where it stands.  They haven't taken the batteries apart, analyzed the charcoal for dendrites, molten lithium, or whatever, 'cause they don't know how.
Gonna be a long time before those 787's fly again.

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