Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lithium Batteries

New Aviation Week came in, and it has stories about the 787 and its battery.  So far it looks like the battery is the culprit, not the charger or 787 wiring.  Boeing is floating the idea of adding a fireproof battery box to contain the fire when the battery decides to burn up.  Silence from FAA and airlines.  I cannot imagine either of them being happy about that solution.  Boeing is wringing its hands over the idea of changing back to ordinary batteries, say nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydride.  The paperwork burden looks awful, it would add a couple of hundred pounds to the empty weight and Boeing is still hoping some magic discovery about the battery will yield a non flammable lithium battery.   The Japanese battery maker has not been heard from. 
   Personally, I think Boeing ought to bite the bullet and get rid of the lithium and get the plane flying again.  They can appeal to their Congressmen to expedite the paperwork thru FAA.  It will cost, but having $200 million airliners piling up around the factory costs too.

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