Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pre School

I remember childhood as being really cool, up until I had to start going to school at age six.  Before that dread day, life was good, I played in the street with a regular gang of kids every day that it didn't rain.  This was before computer games, Sesame Street, or even TV. 
   And now Obama is proposing to end the good part of childhood at four years old, instead of six.  And he is telling us that real learning takes place at age four, learning so valuable that we must take our kids away from good times and toss them into school. 
   I didn't even do kindergarten myself, and I never missed it.  School started with first grade and I did as well as any other kid in the class. 
   Far as I can see, pre kindergarten schooling is state sponsored day care.  The kids don't learn anything, but parents can drop their kids off as they go to work.  With so many people out of work, you'd think there would be plenty of unemployed family members to look after kids while parents are out earning a living. 

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