Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ethnic voters, Black, Hispanic, Muslim.

Endless talk on TV about how Hillary and The Donald are doing with this or that ethnic group, who's ahead, who's behind, where they stand relative to previous races.  Endless yak.
None of the TV newsies are talking about the largest ethnic group in the country, women.  Fifty percent of voters are women.  Romney lost the woman's vote to Obama by 10%.  That was the election right there. Hillary and The Donald's race will be decided by women's votes.  But the TV newsies, not even the Wall St Journal ever talks about it.
  We know that The Donald has his problems with women's support.  So does Hillary.  A lotta women think she should have divorced Bill over the Monica affair.   How many of each sort of women voters do we have?  Would those women admit their real feelings to a robo calling pollster? 

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