Thursday, August 4, 2016

President Trump vs President Hillary

If elected,
President Hillary will raise our taxes.   She said that on live  TV to huge applause yesterday,
She will try to take our guns away,
She will pack the Supreme Court (and the lower federal courts) with lefties, who will persist and continue to do harm for decades.
She will do more payoffs to foreign scumbags, and she will take up her disasterous foreign policy where she left off when she turned the secretary of state office over to John "Swiftboat" Kerry.

President Trump might do some real and badly needed income tax reform. 
He won't press for more gun "control" aka taking our guns away.
He will appoint decent law abiding judges to the Supreme Court.  He has published a long list of names. 
We aren't too sure of his foreign policy, he hasn't said much, but it cannot be worse than Hillary's.  I know he could have gotten four hostages back for less than $100 mil a head. 

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