Monday, August 15, 2016

"Boy" and "Girl" outlawed by Charlotte NC school board

The TV snippet didn't mention what word[s] were supposed to replace "boy" and "girl" which have been words in English since the time of William the Conqueror.  "Kid" perhaps?
  Ya gotta wonder what this school board was thinking when they made this really amazing ruling.
  Was it the unisex "There is no difference between male and female" people?  Who hope to make boys and girls the same in all respects, opportunity, dress, life roles, what ever? 
  Was it the Transies who want to teach children that they can change themselves from boy to girl or girl to boy if they so desire?
   Was it a desire to defuse or sidestep the boys and girls room issue?
   Was it the LGBT crowd who must be thinking it will ease the social pressure on gay and lesbian students?

   And, how is this amazing ruling going to interfere with the push to start sex education at ever younger ages?

   And what will the signs on boys and girls room doors read?  

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