Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What I might say to kids going off to school

My three children all made in thru college in one piece, so I don't have to make these points to them anymore.  But I thought I might share some of them with my blogoverse.

1.  Don't get falling down drunk at parties.  You go to parties to meet people, to chat, maybe dance, to show yourself off, to have a good time.  None of this works if you pass out on the floor, drunk.  Plus it makes a negative impression upon everyone there.  Plus girls are likely to get raped after they get drunk.  If you just have to drink til you are wasted, do it on dorm, with some trusty friends around.

2.  Know that everything you post on line, email, facebook, twitter, blogs, what ever, never goes away.  And everybody can read it, friends, enemies, future employers,  the FBI should you go for a security clearance, robo callers, everybody.  So don't post things that might be embarrassing after you graduate.  No racy pictures, no ethnic jokes,  stories of sexual encounters, nothing that you wouldn't feel good about showing to your parents, and posting on the down town bulletin board.

3.  Do your homework, do it the afternoon or evening it is assigned.  Start with the first day of class.  Classwork is mostly a discussion of how to solve the homework problems.  If you haven't at least tried the homework, the entire class discussion won't mean diddly to you.

4.  Think hard about how you will make your living after graduation.  Pick a major that makes you more employable in your chosen field.  There is little to zero demand for art history majors, sociology majors, gender studies majors, anthropology majors, or ethnic studies majors.  And a bunch of other majors.  Talk your major over with someone you trust.  DO NOT trust a college advisor, they know little, and try to steer you into their favorite major.  

5. Go out for a sport, everyone needs the exercise.

6.  Guys need to be super careful in relationships with girls.  The girl can turn on you, accuse you of rape, haul you in front of a campus kangaroo court, and get you expelled, with a rape charge on your record.  The careful guy gets to know the chick before having sex with her.

Good luck.

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