Thursday, February 27, 2014

Climate Change. What can't it do?

Cold and snowy winters, climate change.  Drought in the US southwest, more climate change.  Rain and flooding in Britain, climate change.  Hot and sticky summers , climate change,  Arctic ice cap melting out, climate change.  Arctic ice cap freezing over, climate change. 
   Climate change is like bacon, it's good with everything. They used to call it Global Warming, except the Goddard Institute of Space Studies data shows world temps stopped rising about 1990 or 1991.  So they changed over to calling it climate change.  No matter what happens it's change.  No hope, just evil change.
Call every bit of bad weather around the world climate change and of course it's evil and needs to be fought. 
  Oh yes, and they can tax the heat, tax the electricity, subsidize battery powered cars, raise the price of gasoline,  demand real cars get 50 mpg, close down electric power plants,  and attempt to force us back to a Hiawatha life style. 

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